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Adult Programs
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Our adult programs are second to none. We offer instructional as well as competitive programs for all levels and Point Play a fast-paced point playing experience. For one-on-one coaching Private Lessons are available all year round with your choice of pro.

Instructional Programs

Improving Your Game
All of our pros follow a detailed lesson plan when teaching adult clinics so that you get a well organized, well rounded lesson which will take you on a coherent path to better tennis. You will work on skills, then learn how to utilize those skills in game situations. Over time you will develop a much better understanding of the game, hence you will enjoy it much more.

See General Brochure for Program Schedule and Pricing

Leagues and Ladders

TCT offers many competitive programs for all levels to use principles practiced in our instructional programs and to play in a fun and challenging environment. Whether you're into singles or doubles, everybody can play at reasonable rates. If you are looking to reserve a court to share with friends and family for the whole indoor tennis season, check out our options for Season Courts.

TCT offers a same partner doubles ladder on Mondays from 12:00-2:00pm (3.0+), which runs for 33 weeks. In addition to our same partner ladder we also offer a Women's Singles Ladder ranging from 3.0 to 4.0 players at $37 for 1.5hours of play. Please email for more specific information on play times and scheduling.

For additional information on any adult program you may also email us at

See General Brochure for Program Schedule and Pricing

Spring Boot Camp

Our Spring Boot Camp offers a rigorous 2-hour clinic to get you ready for the summer season! The format includes several pros rotating courts every half hour for singles or doubles drills and strategies. Boot Camp meets once a week for 2 hours of instruction and includes 2 hours of designated practice time each week. Free childcare is also available.

See Schedule and Pricing

Season Courts

A season court is a fun way to keep playing all season long without the bother of making reservations or hoping for that open court. Haven't tried a season court yet? All you need is a group of players who enjoy coming out on a regular basis. Play can be as structured or informal as you like with the guarantee of regular court time with players of your choosing. A season court can also be a great opportunity to practice what you learn during a clinic, sharpen up a particular skill or just enjoy playing without all the pre-arrangement hassle. For more information on Season Courts email us at

Point Play

Point Play is an exciting new program that puts players in a realistic game situation where you play out point after point. Need to improve your focus, anticipation or reaction time? Are you working on moving from defense to offense in your game? Point Play is a fun way to help you practice your tennis skills while getting a great workout. TCT offers both a day and night session and the program can be done on a week by week basis. Discount packages are available for point play.

See General Brochure for Program Schedule and Pricing

Policies & Guidelines

Free Court Time
Everyone in a 17 week adult clinic is entitled to play 17 times (equal to their clinic slot duration) at no charge. This only covers their portion of the court. If a non-clinic member plays, they will be responsible for their portion of the court fee. There will be a sheet in the adult clinic book where we will keep track of free play. Free court time is only offered to those in a regular clinic, not any weekly sign up clinics, special clinics or Team Practices. Players must have the front desk check off their portion of the court time in the book or they will be charged for the court.

Injury Policy
Upon receipt of a doctor's note, credit will be given for an injury up to 3 weeks. Credit will not be given for injuries beyond 3 weeks, unless the player is willing to give up their spot in the clinic. If the spot is relinquished, then credit will be given to the end of the session.

Cell Phones
As a courtesy to other players there are to be no cell phones ringing on the courts. Cell phones must be silenced or left in your car or the locker room.

In case of an injury, you must notify the club immediately in order to address the financial responsibility. In order to receive a pro-rated credit we need a Doctor's note and notification as to when play will resume. These documents must be submitted to our manager.

There will be no credits or makeup's given for missed classes.


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